Specialty Programs

ARM Group is specialized in developing and administering customized insurance programs for professionals, businesses, schools and associations.


ARM Group offers specialized insurance solutions for various industries:

  • Tour Operators
    Excursion Liability Insurance that satisfies all Hotel and Cruise Lines liability insurance requirements.
  • Financial Institutions
    Cyber Risk, Directors and Officers and Professional Liability solutions for Financial Institutions and Associations.
  • Hospitality
    Hotel & Resort Liability programs, Health Insurance solutions for Hotel employees and Travel Insurance for guests.
  • Universities and Schools
    Customized Travel and Health Insurance programs for international students or faculty members making frequent trips abroad.
  • Doctors and Hospitals
    Malpractice Insurance for healthcare professionals and hospitals.
  • Scholarship Students
    Health Insurance programs for government sponsored students studying abroad.
  • Yacht Owners
    Comprehensive Yacht Insurance solutions for Yacht Club members and Yacht Owners Associations.



Standard insurance policies often times provide insufficient protection against risks and challenges specific to an industry. Therefore, we have developed industry-specific insurance programs that fit the unique needs of organizations or occupations.


Unlike traditional specialty programs, some of our specialty programs include an online platform that allows HR managers and plan administrators to effectively manage the insurance program. The platform includes online claim forms, policy change forms, billing information and other management information reports. 

Committed Team

Committed Team

We understand the importance of having the right team and expertise to address the unique requirements of both the largest and smallest businesses with equal amount of attention.