Risk Management

Today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment is opening up new markets, customers, and areas of growth opportunities. However, it also creates new and unique risk management challenges, which can limit or hamper an organization’s ability or desire to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a comprehensive approach to identifying, analyzing, managing and optimizing risks within an organization. ERM creates an integrated, enterprise-wide framework that highlights both the positive and the negative implications of risk at all levels of the organization. Unlike traditional risk management, ERM provides a “big picture” view that details a variety of risk exposures across an organization (such as hazards, events, operations and fiscal scenarios) and potential solutions. While not every risk identified may be insurable, understanding and preparing for unique variables and exposures can minimize situations that may not have been duly addressed and prepared for.

OUR ERM Practice

ARM specializes in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the innovation, creation and management of insurance solutions designed to produce a balanced and optimal cost-effective approach to addressing these unique risk management challenges. We help our clients manage and/or implement an ERM approach which allows them to:

  • Better understand and address their risk profile which consequently allows them to confidently pursue new revenue driving frontiers and growth.
  • Improve their ROI by driving down their total cost of risk, and stabilize it over time.


All the services we offer are born from our clients’ needs. The hallmarks of our success lie in our attention to detail and personalized approach with every customer we serve to truly understand the DNA of their business.

Our integrated service delivery team challenges the status quo by reviewing and dissecting all the various elements and components of your ERM & insurance program, and help you identify root causes (i.e. human behavior, processes, engineering) of cost drivers that are un-necessarily driving up your total cost of risk. Due to ongoing changes in our business environment, these root causes are often hidden and can result in the organizations ERM and insurance program not being able to effectively remain in synch with external changes and industry developments. 

We bring together a team of resources comprising of individuals with unique skill sets that include:

  • proven knowledge and ongoing experience in evolving ERM and complex insurance program issues
  • a global network via partnerships with the world’s largest and most specialized risk management service providers, through offices in over 160 countries
  • a culturally diverse background with fluency in multiple languages 
ERM Solutions

ERM Solutions

Our Risk Management team applies a high level of expertise and insight to meet the ERM needs of a wide range of entities and organizations.