Yacht Facility

ARM Group offers a full range of wholesale Yacht Insurance solutions and services to Insurance Brokers, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Dealers, Yacht Owners Associations and Yacht Trust Service Providers around the world. 


Our facility is backed up by reputable and secure markets, allowing us to build comprehensive and custom Yacht Insurance programs for a wide range of yachts and boats:

  • Personal Yachts
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Corporate Yachts
  • Charter Yachts
  • Powerboats
  • Sportfish
  • Cruising boats
  • Mega Yachts

Coverage can be customized to accommodate an extensive geographical area and can include catastrophic coverage. Furthermore, rates are based on a worldwide facility, ensuring competitive pricing. 


ARM understands the unique risks associated with owning a yacht. We have developed specialized solutions that enable our partners to offer yacht owners the most comprehensive protection available. Our yacht insurance facility includes:

  • H&M cover
  • Legal Liability cover
  • Medical Expenses cover
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Personal Effect cover
  • Boat Trailer cover
  • Wide scope of geographical cover


Our online platform that allows our partners to sell and manage Yacht Insurance products online. The platform includes online applications, online account management, paperless insurance documentation and management information reports. The tool allows our partners to load the premium with their own service fees, creating another source of profit. 

Financial Security

Financial Security

Comprehensive all risks cover specifically tailored to the needs of serious yacht, boat and pleasure craft owners, supported by the financial security of market leading insurers.