Cyber Risk Facility

ARM Group has developed a Cyber Risk Facility that helps define and protect an organization's data breach risks. Our Cyberbloc program provides comprehensive coverage against the risk of financial loss, disruption and damage to the reputation of the insured organization.


As data breach incidents and related cyber risks continue to increase, more government agencies have become more actively involved in policing the corporate response.


It's imperative that your organization is compliant as the exposures have become truly global without geographical boundaries. Both private citizens and organizations are protected by the regulations applicable to the country of citizenship and/or incorporation. If an organization has clients from USA and EU, in case of a data security incident it’s clients will subject to the applicable data protection regulations from both continents.

In addition, some of the regulations, unlike a directive, do not require national governments to pass any enabling legislation and are thus directly binding and applicable (i.e. European Union's GDPR).


The Cyberbloc program is a 3-stage approach to effectively manage privacy liability and cyber risks:

  • Risk Assessment
    The Cyberbloc program begins with an in-depth analysis to identify and quantify the damages from a cyber-attack or privacy liability due to a data breach or security incident. It also uncovers compliance vulnerabilities and provides assistance related to industry-specific compliance requirements with respect to information secuirty.
  • Incident Response Strategy
    Every business should have a written incident reponse plan as part of its informaiton security policy. The program helps coordinate timing of internal and external communications, secure the network, ensure regulatory compliance is maintained and evaluate insurance notification protocols. 
  • Insurance Solutions
    The Cyberbloc insurance program addresses all impacts that can result from a data breach or cyber security incident, whether malicious or accidental. The coverage can be tailored to specific elements of risk, e.g. Third Party Claims, Direct First Party Claims, Business Interruption, Extortion Threats and Intellectual Property Infringement.

For more informartion regarding the 1. Risk Assessment, 2. Incident Response Strategy and 3. Insurance Solutions, please visit the Cyberbloc website. 

Outsmart Cyber Threats

Outsmart Cyber Threats

Our Cyber program consists of a bloc of leading global cyber security experts that help your company manage and mitigate today's cyber and privacy liability threats.